About Us

We arrived at the Sculthorpe Mill in June 2007 and together have built up the family business. There is always lots going on and we are a hands on family team. You will always find one of us working away somewhere in the building or in the garden.  The two terriers Poppy and Pippin are never far behind….


We, (the Barnett family) have a wealth of experience within the customer service industry in various sectors. Steve’s previous experience was in the motor industry with his own car sales company for over 35 years. Elaine’s career experience came from a veterinary background running the reception and as a large animal clerk at an independent veterinary practice. Plus running the family household which was a full time job in itself! Beccy has worked in the Hospitality industry both in the UK and abroad running restaurants, bars and hotels as well as a lot of skiing along the way! Her last position was in event management which was great experience within the corporate hospitality industry country wide.


In 2006 we decided to pool our resources and work together on a family project and here we are. We have been here six years and even though it is a big ship to steer and we work extremely hard to keep it as wonderful as possible, we absolutely love being here in Norfolk running our pub.

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We do all work together but we have our own roles in the business. Most importantly is Elaine; she looks after all the essential tasks such as the accounts, purchasing, administration, back of house and the hotel part of the business. Elaine is famous for her delicious breakfasts and ensures the hotel guests get well look after and fed in the mornings. Without Elaine the pub would not function!


Steve’s domain is the bar and cellar. His forte is looking after his real ales for which he has won awards. “You have the best ale in the area” is often mentioned as customers sample a pint. Our real ales have a great following and many of our locals frequently drop in for a pint. Steve is also in charge of maintenance and can be often found fixing or making something outside in the garden with Wayne. This often involves standing in the river or dangling off a ladder with a well-earned pint of IPA afterwards!


Beccy looks after the front of house team coordinating the events and weddings with all the other departments.  She looks after the bride and groom from the first initial wedding enquiry to the day they leave after the wedding. Beccy is the main point of contact for any events at the Mill from meetings, to private dinners, christenings, Christmas bookings and weddings. Beccy also looks after all the marketing and promotions for the Mill and can often be seen working away in her ‘office’ in the hotel reception catching up with the Mill emails and planning the next event. Multi-tasking is her specialty and there is always lots of planning and organising for every event. No detail is too small! Truly hands on Beccy can be found setting up every wedding breakfast even down to the tea cups and saucers.


We all have our own areas but we all work together to ensure the Sculthorpe Mill remains the fantastic place it always has been.